• Estate Living

    Bateleur Estate is a unique Lifestyle Estate set in the beautiful Lowveld Landscape on the outskirts of Nelspruit. Bateleur is a 200ha Estate with approximately 60ha left unspoilt. Great care is taken to ensure that the natural habitat is conserved for the pleasure of the residents. With various walking trails, hiking routes and dams, residents can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle within the safe boundaries of the Estate.

    When entering Bateleur, you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of space and serenity. In summer, weekends are lazily spent fishing or strolling about. Regular sightings of the resident Duikers, a Fish Eagle hovering over the dam or a Water Leguaan patrolling the boundaries are enjoyed from your patio. Bateleur is nature at its best.

    Residents can also participate in social activities on the Estate, including a Bridge Club, Environmental Committee, Library, Pottery, Pilates and much more.

    Units have been designed to ensure low maintenance and the entire Estate is wheelchair friendly.

  • Security

    Security is a top priority amongst both the Developer and the Home Owners Association. On completion, the Estate will be surrounded by a 1.8m high brick wall with electric fencing on top. With each building phase, a temporary electric fence is erected to secure the construction area.

    Every unit is linked to a high-tech security system at the guard house which is at the entrance to the Bateleur Estate. Armed patrolling guards ensure that the fence of the Estate remains secure at all times.

  • Communal Facilities

    The first phase of the Administration Block has been completed which includes a recreational hall. Communal facilities will be expanded with the Development in phases to ensure that Home Owners’ levies remain reasonable. Envisaged on completion of the project are, amongst others, sporting facilities, restaurant and bar, community hall and shop for everyday items.

    Construction has commenced on the Medical Centre that includes assisted living units and care facilities. View the “Healthcare” Page for more detail

  • Estate Layout

    Provisional Estate Layout as planned by the Developer.(Click image to download bigger version)
    Master Plan A